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Parameter Estimation and Structure Identification

Modern molecular biology is generating data of unprecedented quantity and quality. Particularly exciting for biochemical pathway modeling and proteomics are comprehensive, time-dense profiles of metabolites and proteins that are measurable with mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance. These profiles contain a wealth of information about the structure and dynamics of the pathway or network from which the data were obtained. The retrieval of this information requires a combination of computational methods and mathematical models, which are typically represented as systems of ordinary differential equations. This long-term project explores different means of identifying parameters from biological time series data.

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Modeling Paradigms Modeling Paradigms

from Voit, E.O.: The dawn of a new era of metabolic systems analysis, Drug Discovery Today BioSilico 2(5), 182-189, 2004

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Alternating Regression Alternating Regression

from Chou, Martens, Voit, 2006