Laboratory for Biological Systems Analysis
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Fun Stuff

Disclaimer: This may only be "fun" for nerds... or not even!

>> If you think BST is difficult to do, click here!

>> If you would really like to do BST, but think it is too difficult for you,
click here for help from Ventura, CA!

>> If you think easy tasks are always easy to do, look at this:

All my Sons width=
Oh really?

>> If you want normal fun, look at the picture below.

>> If you want to call me at home, remember that '1' is reserved for long distance. Then just dial:

(n-3) (n-2) (n-1) sqrt(n) n n^2 (n-1) (n-2) (n-3)

Please leave a message after the tone...

>> People working with polynomials will tell you that you can write your name with a polynomial of high enough order. Have you ever seen that done? Probably not. S-systems, by contrast, not only are very general, but are flexible enough to write your name...or at least my name. If you don't believe it, click here!

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